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We are THRILLED with Chickadee. A very loving, gentle, well behaved addition to the household. She has bonded nicely with the cat mainly because when they first met she didn't chase or bark but sat quietly. Both Al and I think Chickadee is one of the smartest dogs we have ever had. A quiet "No" seems to be all that is necessary to stop something, and frankly there hasn't been much to say "no" to. She has really bonded with Al (probably because he has been taking her for long walks and allows her time off the leash). I keep reminding her that I'm the one that feeds her and spends time throwing the ball (she is a great retriever) but her love affair is with Al.

Anyway, thank you, thank you. We couldn't be happier.


Retrieving is so fun!


Chickadee at 3 years old

Chickadee is full of life. She plays for hours by herself with her toys. She throws them and tries to catch them - self entertaining. She has a sense of humor. Chickadee is a Medium/Small bitch, weighing around 55 lbs. She is always doing something and yet her temperament is gentle and soft. Her long neck and well angulated body makes her built like an athlete.

Gentle and soft personality

Loves to play with her toys

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