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Johnny Standing
Well-balanced structure. 1 yr of age.
Johnny is 23 inches tall and is what I would call a hard body. If he was a male human he would have 6-pack abs! He is very well muscled.

Johnny profile
Johnny has a very sweet temperament.
He is my dream dog and has the body to do any activity I want. Johnny always gives me 100%! John is quite intelligent and learns very quickly.


Update: Johnny has retired from his showing career and now is living the live of luxury in Ravenna, Seattle. He is still available for Stud Service.

See his retired life under "Spirit Boys Retired"

I wanted to send you some photos of John on our 1st anniversary today.  I took these yesterday – it was such a beautiful day.  We were out on the deck and John decided to go get his squishy soccer ball that he has outside and take it inside out of the heat.  I made him bring it back outside and I love the look in his eyes with this ball in his mouth. 

 We are getting along just fine here in Ravenna.  John is such a wonderful sweet dog.  I have a sprained knee so my walking is a little slow and he is always a gentleman about my reduced pace.  We have a wonderful dog walker who comes to take him on longer walks in the day – or Connie does this when she is working from home.  I am working back up to longer and more rapid walking.  In the meantime, John loves to play fetch and we have a routine that keeps him moving and me moving along. 

 Thank you for sharing John with me – I adore him!  On to year two…


In Obedience competitions, Johnny is going through his different titles very quickly. He started in Novice at 3 years of age in 2010. He took 1st place in each of his classes and earned a 200 (perfect score), two scores of 199 1/2, and 3 High-in-Trial awards out of the 6 times he was shown. At the same he was doing Novice we did Graduate Novice where he places 1st in each of his classes. We will start Open and Graduate Open as soon as I can leave the new litters home alone.

As of February 2010, Johnny has his agility Standard and Jumpers with Weaves titles. He received 1st places for each of his legs. As soon as I have the time, we will continue showing.

Johnny earned HIT and a perfect score!

Click to see Johnny's performance record & videos

Johnny HeelingJohnny WSOTC HIT 2010
Overall structure lends to effortless movement.



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