Hi all,

Chickadee had her puppies on Thursday, June 25th at 10:00. She gave birth to 8 puppies: 5 boys and 3 girls. I was thinking that she might have 4 or 5 because she never got really big and round.

Chickadee is an experienced mother. She knows how to clean and stimulate the puppies. Just in case you don't know this, puppies don't go to the bathroom on their own at birth. They have to be stimulated to do so. Chickadee is doing a great job of cleaning. Her milk came in on Friday.

Chickadee was due (according to the calendar) on June 29th, which is this coming Monday. My girls usually give birth 2 to 3 days early. I noticed on Wednesday that the puppies had dropped down from the rib cage. I didn't think much about it because the puppies were not due until Monday. On Thursday Chickadee started to build a nest next to the house in the dirt. She was a mess. She had dirt all over herself, especially her nose. She also stopped eating. This is another sign that she is close to labor. I took her temperature and she was normal at 101.1. Before dogs whelp, their temperature goes from 101.1 down below 98.5. When their bodies warm back up they start their labor.

At 9:00, that night, I took her temperature again and she was at 98. I call Dr. Norton and he said to come right away. He did a cesarean and we were back home by 11:00. All 8 puppies are very health.

For the next couple of days I slept on the couch with the baby monitor at my head. I have another litter of Goldens (VooDoo & Johnny Puppies) that are 5 days older, so I have been sleeping on the couch for a long time. I set the alarm clock to wake me up every 2 hours (if the monitor doesn't wake me up first). It is important to check the puppies and make sure that the mother doesn't lay on any of them. There is always a chance that the puppies could crawl away from their mother and get cold. So I'm on duty 24 hours a day. The room where the puppies and mother are kept is at 98 degrees. (It is so hot!) Dr Norton says that if the puppies are all in a tight little group sleeping, then the room is too cold. You want to see the puppies spread out while sleeping.

Around a week of age, I will take the puppies and mother to the Milky Way. That is when I get to sleep back in my own bed. The mother can go outside as often as she wants and the puppies stay warm and cozy in the whelping box. Once they are in the Milky Way you can come and visit. Please schedule an appointment.

I have attached some pictures of Chickadee & babies.

Laurie Weaver

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