Spirit Title Holders
We are so proud of our puppies and their handlers!

Zoom and Ward

AKC Obedience and Agility Records

Zoom National Obed Champion 2011 & 2012

Flyer and Sandy

Flyer OTCG 2011!

Keeper and Sandy

AKC Obedience & Agility Records



Dozer and Michelle
Spirit's Can U Dig It

Father: Shoreland's Pistol Pete

Mother: VooDoo

Born: May 31, 2007

Dozer & MIchelle

Brio and Vern
Ramroc Spirit Rising CDX

Father: Shoreland's Rock N roll UD - Scooter

Mother: Shoreland's Funny Girl - Giggles

Born: November 18, 2003

Brio July 2006


Brio Retrieve over High Jump

Update October 2008: Brio earned a CDX in Obedience: 3 trials - 3 high in Class. Avg score 197.5 out of 200 points.

GRCH Jasmine Spirit Healer CDX RE CCA CGC

Father: Shoreland's Destined Dazzle CDX OS

Mother: Shoreland's Funny Girl CD AX AXJ

Born: March 1, 2002

Pedigree, OFA's, CERF, Parents, and More

Just wanted to let you know how my two girls are doing (Jazzy & Ferris). They are both most exceptional companions and training partners. Jazzy was my Novice A dog and I feel she has done very well - 9 titles in just 3 years of training and showing. It's been a fun ride and she is now training for her UD title.

All her obedience and rally titles were earned with placements on every leg - including many first places and 100 and 99's in rally and obedeince scores in the 190's.

She is not just a good obedience worker as we have played around with field and agility work and she has shown exceptional potential there as well.

All this and she is a beautiful specimen of the Golden breed - proving this by not only getting her Golden Retriever Club Of America Certificate of Conformation title but earning both her UKC Show Championship and her UKC Grand Championship - with multiple Best of Breed and Sporting Group placements. Jazzy also passed all her OFA health clearances recommended by the GRCA - earning her OFA CHIC #.

- Danielle Morey

Jazzy & Danielle

U-CH Mordha's Shadow Spirit CD RN CGC

Father: Shoreland's Pistol Pete II CD MX MXJ NF

Mother: Mordha's Dazzling Spirit

Born: July 8, 2005

Pedigree, OFA's, CERF, Parents, and More

Ferris & Danielle.  CD Title!


Ferris is following in her 'Auntie' Jazzy's foot-steps earning her CD title with 2 first places in just 3 trials in the competitive Novice B ring at the tender age of 20 months! She also got her UKC Show Championship at just 16 months old; in 6 shows winning over mature competition. Ferris got her RN and CGC at 13 months old. That's 4 titles before the age of 2 years! Ferris is currently working on her CDX title. Ferris also has the a most unique talent for a Golden- she herds sheep and passed a herding instinct test! The evaluators were more than a little amused by this and offered to let us sign up for classes to polish her skills!

Both girls (Ferris & Jazzy) are loving and playful and enjoy swimming at the beach and long walks in the California desert where we live.

- Danielle Morey

Remy and Sandy
Spirit's River City Remedy

Father: Shoreland's Pistol Pete II

Mother: Mordhas Dazzling Spirit

Born: 2006


Flirt and Karen
Spirit of Love II

Father: Shoreland's Pistol Pete II

Mother: Mordha's Dazzling Spirit

Born: March 16, 2006

Flirt running on the beach

I can not tell you how much Flirt means to me!

Flirt is an awesome dog! Sometimes I look at her, then to prove to myself that I am not dreaming, I just hold her close. She is very busy and I know she is happy. She adores me, too; she tells me every day!

Flirt heeling with great head position Flirt & Karen Heeling

Several times a week Sandy and I load all the dogs up and go to a very large section of land and hike for miles. The dogs just race! Remi and Flirt are the best of friends. There is a special bond there.

- Karen Dowell


Derby and Heather
Spirit's Run for the Roses RN MX AXJ



Father: Shoreland's Rivoting Spirit CDX RN OA OAJ

Mother: Shoreland's Funny Girl CD AX AXJ

Born: February 27, 2005


See Derby in Agility Action!

Derby in the weave poles

Derby MACH!Derby at the beach
- Heather Kaluza

Derby at agility Nationals


DOB: August 31, 2007

Dam: Spirit's Daisy Mae of Dogpatch

Sire: Can CD Shoreland's Pistol Pete II CD MX MXJ NF

Deuce earns High in Trial award!

Our training is going well. I hope to have Deuce in the CKC Novice ring by this summer (2009). He is a joy to train and I'm looking forward to competing with him.

We had -20 Celsius which is like -2 F for a week and the dogs were crazy, it was good to get them outside on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year

- Ken & Sindee and Deuce & Taz


Spring 2012 - Deuce is a great dog, fun to train and up for anything you want to do. We thoroughly enjoy him and he has introduced us to field work which he excels at.

Summer 2009 - Deuce and Sindee had a good weekend , qualified both WC trials for his WC and on Sunday he passed both Novice B trials with a 197 and 198.5 He is a ton of fun and has lots of go and is getting better at everything as he gets older.


Deuce Flying!

Deuce's ribbons!



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