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  • Guest rooms are charged on a daily basis, just like a hotel.
    • The day you check in you pay for.
    • If you check out before noon, there is no charge for the last day.
  • Prior arrangements can be made for early or late check-in or pickup for an additional charge of $25.
  • We do not board animals that are incontinent or are immobile. Your veterinarian is the best place for caring for special needs.
  • All guests have private accommodations.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing our kennel is triple-fenced and someone is on the premises 24 hours a day.

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  • Proof of vaccinations must be current, administered and verified by a veterinarian.
    • Dogs: DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella
  • Two different accommodations are available:
    • Inside: Heated rooms, 16 sq. ft. or 20 sq. ft. Small, warm and cozy. Great for small, short-coated dogs of less active dogs.
    • Covered Building: Picture a long building with two open sides.
  • All beds have blankets or sleeping bags.
  • Your dog will feel safe and secure in their 56 sq. ft. room or family-sized room of 108 sq. ft. and have plenty of room for exercise.
  • We have multiple play yards where our guests can romp twice a day when their rooms are being disinfected.
  • We server Lamb and Rice kibble to our guests.
  • Included in the cost of your dog's room is food, clean blankets, and toys. You can leave your pet's personal belongings at home. Also included are two private recesses. We use this time to disinfect our guest's room and water buckets.
  • See our pricing page for current rate information.

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Let us love your dog when you can't!

For an additional charge we can provide:

  • Private Recess: A 15-20 minute recess outside, romping with balls and toys. $2.00 per session.
  • Private Love Session: For the dog that just wants to be held and loved. $4.00 per 15-20 minute session.
  • Private Playtime: Does your dog love to play, catch balls or Frisbees? $4.00 per 15-20 minute session.
  • Medication: $4.00 per day.
  • Personal Food: $4.00 per day for feeding food other than our kennel diet.
  • Grooming: We have groomers on staff who give baths. We do not trim, cut, or style dogs.

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See our pricing page for current rate information.



  • Proof of vaccinations must be current, administered and verified by a veterinarian: FVRCP and Rabies
  • We ask that cat owners supply the food with which the cat is familiar.
  • Our Kitty Condos are warm and spacious with two levels for porching.
  • Once a day litter boxes are changed and fresh food and water given.
  • See our pricing page for current rate information.

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Telephone: 425-868-5556


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