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We offer a healthy, fun, and safe environment for your dog when you cannot be home during the day.


Dogs bring us joy! They are our best friends and our confidantes. We want to do what is best for them, but in these busy times… the time we have to offer can be limited. Dogs are social, playful souls. They love to run, chase balls, fetch, jump, wrestle and play with each other. Then they take a short rest and start all over again. Canine College gives your dog a place to be a dog. Your dog can run all day long with other friendly dogs. He can fetch balls, wrestle and play. He can do what a dog does best – be a dog. Canine College offers your dog fun and play while you're away. Our doggie day care program delivers the optimum amount of exercise, stimulation and attention for your dog. Play hard, sleep tight, give your dog a bone!

Day Care is a healthy, fun, safe environment for your dog when you cannot be home with your dog during the day. Dogs come to our facility to play, exercise, and get the chance to socialize with other friendly dogs and people.

Busy getting and giving love!

DAYCARE: Our daycare is for everyone. We know that owners and their pets have specific needs. We are setup to care for the guest that wants to have group playtime, private playtime (one dog at a time with staff member), or who have special needs (Medication, Meals, Baths, Nails, etc). No matter your dogs breed or temperament, we can provide day care for your pet.

You may choose one of the following for your dog to participate in.

Group Playtimes (2 hour sessions): Activities could include playing fetch, swimming in the kiddie pool, catching and romping with your best friends. Or maybe laying in the sun, taking a nap and being petted by the Play Group Supervisor. Group Play is for all sizes of dogs that are non-aggressive and not food or toy protective. We will find a group for your dog that fits with your dogs play style. Your pet will go home happy and exhausted. A tired pet makes a happy owner. All dogs must be evaluated to participate. We do have some breed exclusions. These breeds will receive individual play: Pit Bulls, American Terriers, Greyhounds, Great Danes, Afghans, Akitas, American Eskimos, Boviers, Basenjis, Chows, Old English Sheepdogs, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, and Airdale Terriers.

Private Recess (20 minute sessions): Some dogs are not comfortable with other dogs and would much rather spend their time with a Play Supervisor playing ball or swimming in the kiddie pool, playing with their own toys, running around the play yard, or just laying in the sun.

Reservations made by noon the day before
Reservations made after noon the day before
Hourly per hour
Half Day up to 4 hours
Full Day 4+ hours
2nd dog
No Reservation/Drop-in
(Cannot use Discount Packages)








5 Day Pass Expires after 1 month
$95 ($19/day)
2nd dog $90
10 Day Pass
Expires after 1 month $180 ($18/day)
2nd dog $160
20 Day Pass
Expires after 2 month $340 ($17/day)
2nd dog $300
All package and unlimited pass sales are non-refundable


Personal food per day $2
Medication per day $2
Bath depending on size & coat $25-$60
Nails 1 staff member $5
2 staff members $10






METHOD OF PAYMENT: Must be pre-paid. We accept cash or checks (No credit cards)

RESERVATIONS: Reservations can be made by calling 425-868-5556

CLOSED: Day Care is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, July Fourth, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year's Day.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: All day care participants will follow these rules.

PAPER WORK: You must have a completed registration form on file with medical, contact and behavioral information at least three days prior to your dog’s first day.
You will certify that your dog has not shown any aggressive or threatening behavior toward people.


Payment: Day care is a pre-pay program. You must pre-pay no later than the day before your visit, in order to secure a reservation. We accept cash or checks only.
Returned checks: There will be a $30.00 for all returned checks (NSF)
Reservations: Reservation must be made by 12:00 (noon) the day before you drop off.
Cancellations: must be made at least by 12:00 (noon) the day prior to your reservation or you will be charged for the day.

BELONGINGS: We are not responsible for lost or destroyed belongings. Please mark all belonging with your dog's name and your last name.

LEASHES & COLLARS: For your safety please keep your dog on a leash while walking to and from the daycare.
All dogs must wear "quick release" collars with identifying name tag at check-in.


Vaccines: We must have written, yearly, proof from your Veterinarian, that your dog is up to date with their vaccinations (rabies, DHPP and bordatella (kennel cough)) and Fecal float in accordance with your veterinarian’s protocol. Vaccination does not guarantee 100% protection.

All pets must be free from any condition which could potentially jeopardize other guests; owners must certify that their pet has not been ill in the past 30 days.

Please DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG TO DAYCARE if they are not well.
If your dog becomes ill, has diarrhea, or is coughing your dog will be quarantined. You will be expected to come and get your dog immediately.

Dogs can share coughs, sniffles, eye infections and more…just like children in school. We are not responsible for vet bills of this nature.

Your dog must be on a flea treatment program.

Owners are fully responsible for any injuries or aggression their dog instigates both to humans and other dogs. Owners are responsible for vet bills if their dog injures another dog. (Just like at any school play ground, behavior can get out of hand. You should expect some scrapes and bruises).

DOG CARE: All dogs will be rotated between play yards, quiet time (kennel run) and nap time (crate). If a dog gets out of control, he will have a time out. Dogs can be just like small children, when they get tired their behavior can get to ruff. A quick nap can bring that good nature back again.

Naps: We individually crate dogs twice a day for approximately 1 hour for a nap in the morning and the afternoon. There are NO exceptions to the nap time.

Beware: Your dog may be very excited when he or she returns home and may drink water excessively. Medium dogs should have 1 cup per ½ hour for the first 2 hours that they are home. We do keep fresh water in the play yards and kennel runs at all times. Water is not provided while dogs are crated.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

GROUP PLAYTIME: Dogs that wish to participate must follow these rules also.

MEET & GREET: We need to schedule an appointment day.
All dogs that will be participating in Group Playtime must have a Meet and Greet. We evaluate, to be sure that we can find a good play group for your dog. A Play Group is a very stimulating environment…and for some dogs it's more than they can handle. We want playtime to be a happy and fun time for everyone. We do alternative accommodations.

Spay and Neuter: All dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered, proof must be provided.

You will certify that your dog has not shown any aggression, threatening behavior or harmed another dog.

Breed Exclusions: Sorry, we do not accept the following breeds for group play. These breeds will receive individual play only.
Pit bull, American Terrier, Greyhound, Great Dane, Afghan, Akita, American Eskimo, Bovier, Basenji, Chow, Old English Sheepdog, Rottweiler, Doberman, or German Shepherd, Airedale Terrier.

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